Virtual Campus

The project have established virtual campus of the HEIs from Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey for the first time in these countries and provides a high-quality јoint online programme for professional development in innovative management, leadership and strategic communication.

Virtual Mobility

Virtual mobility facilitates the access to the transnational programme for non-mobile professionals and students and enables international and intercultural collaboration with a highly-selective peer group and lecturers from other European countries. 

Accommodated to Business Needs

The online programme is designed to accommodate the needs of the international market, but is adjusted to the specific challenges of the business communities in Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey. Students search for solutions in mixed teams through problem-based projects, online discussions and ongoing feedback in a virtual classroom.

Self-directed Learning

The modular structure of the Programme allows participants a self-directed approach to learning by offering them to pick a content that suits their needs and desires that they learn in their own pace and on their own turf. 

Open Educational Resources

The Open Educational Resources are developed in native languages - Macedonian, Slovenian and Turkey, and are translated in English; and are open for use under open licenses that will provide broader access to education and training resources for the learners from these countries.

Recognized Competences

The participants acquire high level of competences recognized in Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey within the Bologna credit transfer system and gain prestigious international certificates. The Programme will further enhance their job prospects in the (trans)national labour market.