These Open Educational Resources (OER) are developed as course materials for delivering and sharing of the content of the e-PROFMAN Online Professional Programme. They cover particular aspects and most relevant course issues. The OER deliver management, leadership and communication know-how and techniques, entrepreneurship mindset, creative thinking and problem-solving, including international approaches. They are produced in three languages - Macedonian, Slovenian, and Turkish, and are translated into English language. The OER are open and free for use under open licenses for education and training purposes.

Impact of new technologies on strategic communication: Boris Hajoš
    How 2 communicate in a VUCA world: Slavica Cicvarić Kostić
  "Basic Business Instincts": Natalie C. Postruznik
“Emotional Intelligence and Leadership”: Kosta Petrov
     “Research Preparation Well Begun is Half Done”:
Ljupcho Efremov
  “How to affect future target groups?”: Seda Mengü

  “Content Marketing”:
Oğuz Kuş
“What is content marketing?”: Barış Bakır, Luxus Content Agency
    "Individual Innovation Management Methods" - Anita Maček
  "Osterwalder's and Pigneur's 9 blocks
business model canvas" - Marina Letonja



Course Intercultural Communications - Online simulation
quiz eng
  Интеркултурни Комуникации - Онлајн симулација
quiz mk
strategies quiz eng   Stratejik Planlama ve Dijital Halkla İlişkiler - Online Quizstrategies quiz tur
Communication for Business Success - Online Quiz
quiz communication for business succes
  quiz communication for business succes mk