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Msc. Tanja Kocjan Stjepanović, BScEE, senior lecturer of PM, obtained her master degree as Master of Technical Sciences in Automatics at University of Maribor in Slovenia in 1990 with thesis about software approaches to collision avoidance in robot work space after study of electrical engineering. But this was only the beginning of her professional career that brought me to become a senior lecturer of project management….

It took her from programming user interfaces for machines in automotive and process industry to leading user testing for worldwide software solution for international companies and industry groups, while becoming a certified OV consultant and project manager for different software products and services in the framework of 15 active years. She was educated in quality assurance and customer relations management taking over quality measuring and reporting duties in a software development business unit with up to 150 engineers considering operational and financial aspects, customer intimacy programs, competitor analysis and market surveys for related services and products and of course program man project management. During all this time she attended many professional educations and specialized courses in the wider project management skillset.

After a carrier change in 2005 she registered her own company “Prava poteza” (The Right Move) specialized in project management and research while lecturing project management in workshops for specific companies and in courses at the (then called) Business college of Maribor, later becoming DOBA faculty where she still lecture project management and team work courses. At the same time, she applied for and led more than 80 international and national projects in the field of education, environment, medicine and care for elderly, mechanical engineering; all of them incorporating some degree of development and innovation and involving experts and project teams form different organizations and countries.