CURRICULUM Online Professional Program


If you are highly motivated young professional or student, the Online Professional Programme e-PROFMAN will equip you with competences for innovative management, leadership and strategic communication in order to be able to create and sustain positive changes in organizations.

The curriculum is practically-oriented and visibly tied to real-world experiences. Topics are adapted to the market challenges and needs. The online courses incorporate service-learning opportunities that will allow you to engage in client-focused projects. Mentoring and the problem-based approach will provide you with new skills that can be implemented in your professional work.


The curriculum addresses knowledge and skills in the following content areas:

Business principles and processes: innovative        management, entrepreneurship and leadership;

Communication management: corporate, marketing        and leadership communication;

Research: conducting applied research;

Globalization: international culture and intercultural        communications.


Acquire skills and develop strategies on how to develop innovative services             and products and use their creativity to introduce new ideas;

Be prepared to think strategically and critically and to be leader of a team;

Master the abilities for professional public relations practice and ethical             decision-making in a communication management position;

Gain skills to conduct small-scale research and analyze the forces that affect             organizations and shape global society;

Get competitive edge in a truly transnational business environment.



The Programme is designed to be completed in one year (January 2017 - January 2018). You will follow five online courses and choose to attend Students Camp and Final Seminar.

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The teaching team is consisted of 18 lecturers with a long-established professional experience. They are also researchers, analysts, consultants and most importantly, practitioners. The know-how and advices which they will convey to you will be up-to-date and relevant.

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online learning Methodology1

Online Learning Methodology

Online learning pedagogy and technology are utilized in the delivery of the curriculum. The Learning Management System provides virtual classrooms, online discussions, live streaming and video conferencing that you will use for facilitating your individual and teamwork and will enable ongoing feedback within the virtual campus. Virtual mobility envisions the collaboration with foreign peers and lecturers, thus enhancing intercultural understanding.

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Quality Industry Relationships

The curriculum is designed and nurture a quality relationship with the business community and public sector in order to utilize the experience of renowned executive-level professionals and society leaders.

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The Programme is being taught on English language that will enable you to master the language in oral and written form.


Earn a transnationally recognized certificate offered by the three HEI`s – the SJPR (Macedonia), the DOBA (Slovenia) and the Istanbul University (Turkey). According to the Macedonian Law of Higher Education, the e-PROFMAN Programme delivers 60 ECTS that can be accepted by the DOBA Faculty and the Istanbul University.